Experimenting in ...

HTML5! Its kinda strange working on html5. You know it doesnt have full support in browsers yet. Heck, even the spec is in the process of being changed and improved all the time. However, parts of it have been implemented in some user agents, and we can at least have a play with some of that!


General Layout

The following examples are of the tags which are supposed to be used for the general layout of a typical page in html5. This consists of the <header> , <footer> , <nav> , <article> and <section> elements.

General Layout Example: I'm not a graphic designer so the page is still kinda sucky, but I kinda tried to make what an average real world page could look like with html5 layout.

Web Forms 2

Web forms 2 is part of html5. Actually, the whole process of getting html5 started kinda got started with trying to come up a better way of having web forms, which now is web forms 2. Its only later on that the WHAT-WG built up on it, and started work on html5. Some of the most exciting features are the attributes in the <input> tag, such as the date attribute, which gives you a whole date picker without any JS coding. Also, the email attribute which natively checks on the browser side whether the text is structered as an email address or not. For more info on web forms2, please read my article on it here.

My demo on web forms is here.

HTML5 Audio

The html5 <audio> tag is often treated as the poorer cousin of the <video> tag. However, audio is a big part of the web too, and it deserves more attention from developers. The way to use it is pretty straightforward, what is more complicated is the file formats that various browsers support. Unfortunately, the worst file-format for such a thing (www-wise) is the most supported right now, which is .wav, which I have used to make this Audio Mixer demo. It still exposes inconsistencies in various browsers, but Opera behaves the best, followed by Safari.

The HTML5 Audio Mixer contains pre-made 'tracks'. I have used JS to make various files play in a certain order, and they loop, creating a techno-like sound effect. Feel free to go craxy with the other files there and make your own mix...Unfortunately, I'm not much of a DJ, but hopefully you'll forgive me for that!